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If you gravitate toward uniqueness and rarity then a padparadscha sapphire gemstone can sweep you off your feet. Padparadscha sapphire is an extremely rare gemstone that comes in a striking shade of mesmerizing pinkish-orange color. This stone is known for its unique color blend and fascinating cuts. Have you ever thought that sapphires could exist in a shade other than blue?

The word padparadscha, pronounced as pad-pah-raj-ah, is literally jawbreaker. Padparadscha derives its name from an ancient Sanskrit term that describes the color of a tropical lotus flower. It is a sparkling gemstone that can become your favorite the moment you lay your eyes upon it.

Things To Know About The Padparadscha Gemstone

We have answered here some of the most common yet important questions related to this rare variety of sapphire.

What’s The Chemical Composition?

The chemical makeup of the padparadscha sapphire is as unique as its appearance. Usually, when we hear the name 'Sapphire,' we imagine a blue gemstone. Surprisingly, that is not the case with this rare gemstone. In padparadscha sapphire, presence of both iron and chromium responsible to display a shade of the setting sun or a lotus. This makes it one of a kind

Why Is Padparadscha Sapphire So Popular?
Princess Eugenie padparadscha sapphire ring
Princess Eugenie padparadscha sapphire ring

Well, the padparadscha sapphire has gained immense popularity after the year 2018. Here’s why? Princess Eugenie, a renowned member of the British royal family, received a stunning padparadscha sapphire engagement ring. Since then, it has become the center of attraction for all her admirers. Her ring is worth above $500,000. No wonder why this mesmerizing stone became the apple of every eye. It certainly deserves all the attention. After being chosen by Princess Eugenie, padparadscha gemstone became an absolute pick for an engagement ring because of its unique and vintage appeal.

How Much Does It Cost?

Due to its rare nature, the padparadscha sapphire is one of the most expensive gemstones in the segment. So its premium range would lie somewhere between $2500 and $7500 per carat. The unheated padparadscha stones are of great value because they are natural and rare.

What Is The Origin Padparadscha Sapphire?

The padparadscha gemstone was originally found in Sri Lanka a couple of decades ago. However, the stone was also uncovered in the stretches of Tanzania and Madagascar in the past few years.

What Are The Hidden Powers Or Benefits Of The Padparadscha Sapphire?

The padparadscha sapphire is a tough gemstone with enormous energy. It represents joy, foresight and an abundance of energy. In fact, some gemologists claim that its wearers experience notable changes in their life after wearing this stone. It brings them closer to achieving their life goals and dreams. This stunning gemstone possesses all the qualities that tend to bring you good luck, health and esteem.

What Does Its Color Say?
loose padparadscha sapphire gemstone
loose padparadscha sapphire gemstone

Imagine a beautiful lotus flower bathing in a sunset. Well, this exactly describes a padparadscha sapphire. Padparadscha is a variant of sapphire that is most favored and desirable in the world because of its appearance. Padparadscha sapphire gemstones are found in pinkish-orange hues as they derive their name from that of a lotus flower. The intensely saturated combination of colors makes this stone breathtaking and absolutely valuable.

Other than these facts, padparadscha sapphire is known for its good hardness. Its hardness score is 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes it a perfect gemstone for everyday wear jewelry. So, what do you think? Is padparadscha sapphire now the gem of your dreams? Please feel free to share your views with us.

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