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Pink seems to hold an irresistible allure to women and jewelry is no exception. With modern themes of engagements and weddings revolving around pink catching momentum, we see a surge in jewelry featuring pink gemstones. When you think in terms of ‘Pink sapphire vs Morganite’, it is quite natural to have some questions in mind. In this article, you’ll find answers to most of your questions related to these two sparkly gemstones.

Pink Sapphire vs Morganite

Affordability & Symbolism

Before going into the technical differentiation, let’s first talk about the money part of the question because there’s generally a financial threshold behind any buying decision and people start liking something they can afford easily as compared to something they like but can’t afford.  

Morganites are more affordable than pink sapphires as they generally fall in the price range of $200 per carat to $800 per carat. Particularly large gems, over 10cts also generally don’t go beyond $1000 per carat. Sapphire, on the other hand, starts at $500 per carat but depending upon the quality and size, its price per carat may rise substantially.

Further, sapphires are said to symbolize deep passion and luxury besides many other things whereas morganite is called the ‘stone of divine love’ which helps relieve the stress and anxiety of the wearer.

Color & Size

Both pink sapphire and a pink morganite exhibit a nice sparkle. The pink color of morganite is generally tilted towards peach or orange whereas in case of pink sapphire this  variation is towards the darker side.

Finding a pink sapphire above 3cts is not as common as finding a pink/peach morganite of 10cts or above. If you are particularly fond of big gemstones , then morganite is definitely the right choice for you. On GemsNY you can find a whole range of natural pink sapphires and morganites in various shapes and sizes.

Clarity & Hardness

Pink sapphire usually has inclusions which are visible to the naked eye. Inclusions are the impurities that get trapped inside a gemstone during its formative stages. Quite often inclusions appear as ‘silk’, thread or needles. A sapphire with no inclusion is extremely rare and therefore commands a very high premium in terms of the price. Pink Morganite, on the contrary, is generally devoid of eye-visible inclusions and even the large-sized gems are also remarkably clear to the naked eye.

As far as hardness is concerned, Pink sapphires are harder than morganites. A pink sapphire scores 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness as against 7.5 of a morganite. However, this difference should not dissuade you from buying and wearing a pink morganite as it is a fairly hard gemstone that can withstand the rigors of daily life albeit with a little bit more care, relatively speaking.

Celebrities Wearing Pink Sapphire Gemstone Ring

Pink sapphire is an extremely popular gemstone and many celebrities are often seen wearing this amazing gem. It is also an excellent alternative to pink diamonds since fancy color-diamonds are immensely expensive. Pink/peach morganites have gained a lot of public love due to its lower price point, great sparkle and amazing size. It is one of the most favored gemstones for engagement rings today. Which is your favorite pink gemstone of the two?

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