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Do you have a particular affinity to pink color and you simply can’t resist its charm? Well, all of us have our own individual affinity towards a particular color. Men usually like blue in some way or the other, whereas women are particularly fond of pink. Sometimes we tend to take our fascination to a color beyond our clothing, for instance jewelry. But nothing can match the glittering pink of natural gemstones such as pink tourmaline and pink sapphire. If you’re wondering how these two gems fare against each other, then continue reading.

1. History & Origin

Do you know that the Chinese are known to have made tiny snuff bottles out of pink tourmaline? And on top of that they have intricately carved figures such as dragons on these pink tourmaline bottles! The making of these small bottles is generally attributed to the Qing dynasty; however, these were made as late as the 18th century.

Pink sapphires were exceptionally rare until the late 1900s when the stones became widely available due the discovery of new deposits in Madagascar. Earlier they were found in a very scant number in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma). The popularity of pink sapphire has seen a surge after the discovery because the sapphires from Madagascar come in a wide spectrum of pink from very light baby pink to very intense pink.

Pink tourmaline, on the other hand, is found around the world in many countries prominently the United States, Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Namibia.

2. Symbolism

Pink tourmaline is often called the Gem of peace as it represents empathy and humanitarianism. It is supposed to provide better abilities of listening and understanding to healers, therapists and counselors. It is also said to relieve the emotional injury of its wearer as it promotes love and calmness. If you want to revive your stressed relationship then pink tourmaline is the stone for you to wear in your ring, pendant, earrings etc.

Like pink tourmaline, pink sapphires are also said to carry a lot of meaning. To name a few, it symbolizes intense love & compassion, good fortune, power through hardship. Pink sapphire is gaining a lot of prominence particularly in engagement rings and wedding rings as many modern weddings today tend to favor pink color more than any other. If you’re also close to that ‘I do’ moment, then you may like to consider a pink sapphire ring for your momentous occasion. Check out a multitude of options available at GemsNY.

3. Composition

Though appearing similar to an untrained eye, pink tourmaline and pink sapphire are fundamentally different gemstones. Pink tourmaline is a crystalline form of boron silicate in which the presence of manganese gives it pink color. Pink sapphire, on the other hand, is made of the mineral called corundum and its pink color is due to chromium present in it. The higher the presence of these trace minerals in these gems, the pinker they appear. Can you identify which one is pink tourmaline and which is pink sapphire?

Pink Tourmaline Ring with Princess Diana Replica
Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamond Three stone settings


4. Optical Character

One very common characteristic of sapphire is color zoning. It means that a sapphire generally has angular zones of different shades of the same color. This particular zone can be removed during cutting and faceting. Pink tourmaline has a different characteristic called pleochroism. It refers to the visibility of different colors when viewing angle and the orientation of light sources are changed. Pleochroism is also common in blue sapphires.

5. Hardness

Both pink tourmaline and pink sapphire are pretty hard gemstones and make a good choice to be used in everyday jewelry. Pink tourmaline scores 7.5 whereas a pink sapphire measures 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This difference should not however dissuade you from getting your pink tourmaline pendant or ring. Hardness simply means the ability to resist scratches. Now you are not going to deliberately scratch your gem, are you? In fact, you should keep proper separation among each type of jewelry you own in order to keep it dazzling for a long time.

Pink tourmaline is comparatively a more affordable option than pink sapphire. GemsNY is the online leader in selling natural pink sapphire and pink tourmaline. As a direct-to-customer company, it offers natural gemstones at prices which are hard to match. You can purchase your desired gemstone or jewelry without breaking the bank. You can follow their Instagram to win exciting jewelry every month.

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